Thumbnail image for 🌴ISLANDS🥥 Find The Erasers (172)

🌴ISLANDS🥥 Find The Erasers (172)

🚨NEW GAME:🚨 👍Please give the game a thumbs up, I would really

🚨NEW GAME:🚨 👍Please give the game a thumbs up, I would really appreciate it Eraser Count: 172 Patch Notes: -Added 15 New Erasers! -Revamped 4 Biomes -Revamped Eraser List -Added Remove Progress System -Changed Shiftlock Key and Sprint Key -Added New "Islands" Biome -Remade Eraser Images -Fixed Bugs and Glitches -Fixed Bugs In Azure! (Biome in the Sky) -Backrooms Update Soon ? 👀 + ALOT More 🤔Your goal is to collect all of the erasers and save them from the upcoming dangers ❓If you are having trouble collecting erasers, you should invite friends to help CREDITS: PitaPata14 - Creator A_MemeDino - Tester This game was heavily inspired by "Find The Markers" by @MrMarkerMaker Tags (Ignore) : Find the, find the erasers, find the blocks, find the markers, find the pandas, find the game, find the milks, find the piggy, find the floppa, find the morphs, find the sonic, backrooms, nextbots, gmod

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