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The Tall Man [UPDATE]

Chapter I Is Out! Chapter 2 is in development! ABOUT: Once you were younger. Your grandma told you a myth about a

Chapter I Is Out! Chapter 2 is in development! ABOUT: Once you were younger. Your grandma told you a myth about a forest called the Redwood, there lived a man named 'The Tall Man' that lost his mother from cancer, now.. he haunts the people that visit the forest. One day curiosity overwhelms you so you decide to go and explore the forest.. What could go wrong? Controls: Shift To Sprint - For PC CTRL To Crawl - For PC R1 To Sprint - For XBOX B To Crawl - For XBOX ⚠️WARNING!⚠️ This game contains: loud noises, jumpscares and flashing lights. Play at your own risk! 🎧For the best experience use headphones and have your graphics at full! Join our group for bug reports and your support:!/about Tags: Horror, Multiplayer Horror, Multiplayer, Creepy, Tall, Man, The Tall Man, 90's, Spooky, Forest

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