Thumbnail image for [OVERKILL 404] Undertale Multiversal Calamity 2

[OVERKILL 404] Undertale Multiversal Calamity 2

Shutdown = Update / Bug Fix This game has flashing lights. Account Must be 75 Days old. Every AU has been caged in the

Shutdown = Update / Bug Fix This game has flashing lights. Account Must be 75 Days old. Every AU has been caged in the main AU by a unknown force, and with everyone in, every type of chaos will start. "Fiction is getting manipulated by highly concentrated power entities with unknown objectives, what is their objective?, the victims from this calamity must find (tags) way to understand how their reality works and how to stop this calamity." Attacks may sometimes lag, i'm sorry for that Secrets can be leaked (But even if it's allowed, prevent doing it), But leaking HyperDust Ink or Godfield is punisheable. credits to DarkVoid for the icon art credits to InkDoesAThing for the sansta image credits to Kampfkarren for the datastore2 system v1.30.28

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Thumbnail image for Monster Simulator 👾

Monster Simulator 👾


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Combat Warriors


New code @ 1M likes! A bloody and gory melee/ranged weapon fighting game inspired by Blood Flow and

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[🐙UPDATE] Slap Battles👏


A game about slapping people into oblivion using different gloves with unique abilities. This game is very chaotic, so

Thumbnail image for [⌚ 1.9: MADE IN HEAVEN] A Universal Time

[⌚ 1.9: MADE IN HEAVEN] A Universal Time


❗ Welcome to A Universal Time ❗ 🔮A Universal Time (AUT) is an action/adventure game inspired by many different

Thumbnail image for [GOJO] A 0ne Piece Game

[GOJO] A 0ne Piece Game


Gojo (JJK) Update Code in my YT channel BELOW ⭐ ❗ 480k Likes for NEW CODE ⭐ ❗ 🙏 Shoutout to God and the team 🙏

Thumbnail image for BedWars 🐪 [MERCHANT!]

BedWars 🐪 [MERCHANT!]


🔥🔥 Updates are EVERY FRIDAY at 3:00pm PDT, 6:00pm EDT 🔥🔥 Controls: [Shift]: Sprint [E]: Open Inventory

Thumbnail image for Demonfall [4.0]

Demonfall [4.0]


Demonfall is based on the popular series Demon Slayer. Ascend the hill with the power of humanity on your shoulder,

Thumbnail image for [V0.4.2] Stand Upright: Rebooted

[V0.4.2] Stand Upright: Rebooted


Game is under new management and you all will be seeing frequent high quality updates. UPDATE: SPTW has been

Thumbnail image for Kaiju Paradise

Kaiju Paradise


Become a Kaiju! (This is an infection based game and not correlated to the Godzilla series) Kaiju Paradise is a

Thumbnail image for World of Trollge [CLOSED]

World of Trollge [CLOSED]


Troll game ... ⚠ Hello! If you're just now seeing this, WoT has closed for maintenance! ForthLoyalty has

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