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Welcome to Harbor Havoc. Fly military grade planes, command warships and man powerful turrets. Destroy the enemy

Welcome to Harbor Havoc. Fly military grade planes, command warships and man powerful turrets. Destroy the enemy harbor and bring your team to victory! Battle the enemy team for land and power in this action-packed naval warfare game! 🏝 Claim abandoned islands to quarter your team’s arsenal. ⚓ Work with others to form fleets and take on the enemy together. 🗺 Scout, plan, then BRING HAVOC TO THE HARBOR! ⚠ PLEASE NOTE! Harbor Havoc is currently in BETA, EVERYTHING is subject to change during the BETA stage. Want to stay up to date on the latest news from Harbor Havoc? 🐦 Follow @HarborHavocGame for codes and sneak peeks! 👥 Join the official Harbor Havoc group!

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Destroy and sink ships! Private servers are free. Use the private server control tool in your inventory to control

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Shipping Lanes


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Coins reset when you leave You need a game pass and 16 coins to spawn a battleship or carrier. Group:

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Game Information: - this game has many ships that you can drive - You can make a ship sink by crashing it into iceberg

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In this update we've added 6 new ships, including the Sea Cloud with working lifeboats, Volvo Ocean 65, a new RNLI boat

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⚓ Warship RP is a WW2 era social game based on a historical ship, recreated here for roleplay! PCmaster, & Dr_Erty -

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