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GAME IS STILL IN DEMO VERSION MORE TO BE ADDED SOON! If you're not careful and noclip out of reality, you'll end up

GAME IS STILL IN DEMO VERSION MORE TO BE ADDED SOON! If you're not careful and noclip out of reality, you'll end up inside of the Backrooms. The stench of old, moist carpet and the insanity of mono-yellow will drive you crazy with hum-buzzing fluorescent lights. Save your prayers if you hear something, because it sure has heard you. THIS GAME CONTAINS CONTENT THAT MAY NOT BE FOR THE FAINT OF HEART. (Jumpscares, Loud Noises) Join our server for updates and sneak peaks: PmR92xdKwE Please also make sure to support us by buying donations and joining our ROBLOX Group! - Credits Huge inspiration from K. Pixels on YouTube, some ideas are from The Backrooms Wiki. TAGS: The Backrooms, Backrooms, Horror, Cryptids, Scary, Rooms, Maze, Apeirophobia, Animatronic, SCP, Nextbot, Dreamcore, Random Level Generated, Doors, Evade, backrooms morph, morph, entities, scp 3008, fun horror game, area, become a nextbot, levels, async, weirdcore, dreamcore

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[+X70 Enma.V2 and Lvl.cap+NEW!!]ร็อคฟรุต


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